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Naval Storm TD – The Best Tower Defense for Android?

Naval Storm TD

  • Developer : GameSpire Ltd.
  • Cost : free of charge

Naval Storm TD is a fresh game from the GameSpire studio, which promises to complement the “tower defense” genre with colorful 3D graphics and deep gameplay.

The ancestor of the genre of “tower defense” can be considered the Old Testament arcade Space Invaders in 1980, but really games with the gameplay “tower defense” blossomed on smartphones and tablets.

Action Naval Storm TD takes place in three “elements”: on the water, under the water and in the air. Defend themselves from three different types of opponents, and entourage in the game naval: islands, narrow straits, various ships, submarines, military aviation. Armament – rather modern, or from the near future. Therefore, the game already from the screen saver makes a solid impression, promising quality graphics, addictive gameplay and interesting strategic opportunities.

The gameplay Naval Storm TD is quite classic for the genre – a map, waves of enemies and various defensive structures for shooting cheekily sticking opponents. Missed enemy ships in the rear – you can start again, content with a modest “incentive prize.” Won – take the trophies and forward to the next card. The gameplay of this tower defense animates the tactical and strategic capabilities offered by the GameSpire studio, which clearly adores the strategies in their various manifestations. First of all, the player himself can choose the location of the point with a conventional tower, be it a banal machine gun, missile launcher, radar, mortar or chemical plant.

Each defensive structure has not only unique capabilities and characteristics, but also its own system of upgrades. For example, available at the start of the machine gun is suitable for shooting small and sneaky boats. If there is money, then it can be improved – add an anti-aircraft gun to the tower to be able to hit air targets, a retarder beam or an overdrive operating in both active and passive modes. And there are such improvement systems for every protective point. Dams allow you to connect the “towers” among themselves, adding bonuses, and radars play the role of detectors of special enemy ships, such as submarines. However, on this the strategic capabilities of the player do not end, but only begin. Directly on the main screen of the Naval Storm TD are the buttons “Studies” and “Opportunities”. After pressing the first button, improvements are opened for defensive structures, and the second gives access to the allied aviation call, crushing orbital strikes, minefields and other joys of an avid fan of “tower defense”.

In general, the player has a lot of opportunities in Naval Storm TD, and experiments with the optimal balance for the passage of missions can be carried out indefinitely. By the way, even at the normal level of complexity, mindlessly poke the machine guns and watch the defeat of the enemy will not work – after the first missions you will have to study the characteristics of the towers and look at the clues. To the credit of the developers, the game does not leave the player alone with this variety, providing with the distinct training that is conducted as the missions progress and does not detract from the actual gameplay.

A special attention in the game deserves a schedule. Each map is carefully drawn, and the color palette of the game seems to be used by all the millions of colors available for display on the smartphone’s screen. All locations are different, with beautiful lighting, and the effects of explosions, fire and weather do not give a chance to break away from what is happening on the screen. Painting with words is difficult, it’s better just look at the screenshots to see for yourself.

Management in the game is standard – with the help of svaypov and tapas. We drag the platform to a suitable point, confirm its construction, and then select the appropriate weapon from the radial context menu. In it you can see the characteristics, it is also after the tower is built, gives access to upgrades.

In general, Naval Storm TD can be called a wonderful game, which should immediately download to everyone who loves strategy or just quality games. Luxurious 3D graphics, a lot of tactical capabilities for passing levels, hurricane gameplay and easy management.

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